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For all trade enquiries send us un email to : [email protected]

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Administratrive  address  :


No.10, State Bank Colony, Samathana Puram, Rayapuram Extension, Tirupur, Tamil Nadu 641 601

Email : [email protected]

Tel : 00919843612239


Factory :

Theni, Tamil Nadu, Inde.

For all other enquiries

Such as your remarks, advices, opinion and any general questions concerning the usage of our products, please send us an email to [email protected].



For complaints regarding products and services, please send us an email to [email protected]


To be a member of the partner programme

If you are a farmer who produce bio products or engaged in organic agriculture or a producer of Neem products or still a naturists !. And do you wish to be a member of this association send us an email to [email protected] . Tell us about your and your activities in the bio world.

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M. Murali Kannan
M. SC (Agri)


Manager Production & logistics

Experiend in the procurement and production of organic inputs especially neem.

[email protected]



M. SC (Comm)

Manager Sales

With 16 years of experiences, she manages an able national and international sales team.

[email protected]

Dr. Ayyasamy Regupathy

(M. SC. Agri., Ph. D)


Manager (R&D)

Specialised in agricultural entomology, especially the bilogicial conrol of pests.

[email protected]


M. Selva Kumar

(M. SC. Agri., Ph. D)

Manager- Marketing

About 15 years of experiences in marketing of organic agricultural inputs. He equally take cares of website, community mangement and communication.

[email protected]

M. Sundar Rajan
M. Sc. (Agri)

Associate Manager– Online sales.

Manages online website sales management. Replieas all querries of our international retail buyers.

s[email protected]

Honorary technical committee members of Nature Neem

This team, here under, is involved in fixing the standards of our brand products and advice us quality controls . They actively participate in the supervising committee which gives surprise visits to verify and impose strict quality parameters during the different stages of production .

Dr. Mohammed Yassin,

(M. Sc. Agri., Ph. D)


Tamil Nadu Agricultural university,

Tamil Nadu, India


[email protected]

Dr. S. Jebaraj,

(M. Sc. Agri., Ph. D)

Professor (Retd)

Tamil Nadu Agricultural university,

Tamil Nadu, India


[email protected]

S. Arjuman Banu

(M. Sc., Chemistry, M Phil)

Chemist and Lecturer

Ramakrishna engineering college and Technology,

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.

Email: [email protected]


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