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Fev.28 ’2010 : Nature Neem at Salon d’agriculture, France

Our Nature Neem Team visited the famous « Salon  d’agriculture » at France. This agricultre exhibition is one of the famous agriculture exhbition in Europe where agrciulture producers and farmers from the different region of France exhibit their regional products. Also one can know about the recent trends, modern machineries in Agriculture. This visit enabled us to know about the trend of organic farming in the European countries especially France where it was known as early as 1970. It was particularly interesting to know that we could find bio-labelled products everywhere . These products drew the attention of visitors especially.   

                                                                                               (visit with us—click  below to expand this photos)

June 25, 2010 : Nature Neem launches « BIO CARE », the product range for complete animal skin care. (Products: Neem organic pesticide, ready to spray, animal shampoos)

The control of external parasites and fungus is a tremendous issue in animal husbandry. The use of synthetic or chemical pesticides is effective but on the other side stresses the animal enormously. It enters into the body of the animal and thereby the food chain. Nature Neem is proud to launch the product range BIO CARE, the complete product range for animal skin care. The product is based in neem and contains high grade permitted stabilizers and emulsifiers.

More info (product page).

July 25, 2010 : Nature Neem launches « ECO MAGIC », the natural laundry and detergent solution prepared from Soap nuts.

The conventional detergents that we use contains harsh phoshpates and phosphonates that enters into the ecosystems and pollutes most of our lacs and water sources. ECO MAGIC based on soap nut is a natural alternative for harsh detergents. The product is prepared from soap nuts and natural food grade stabilisers that are permitted by certifying agencies all over world. 

More info (product page).

Oct. 15 , 2009 : Nature Neem assigns EvoGreen as its exclusive distributor for France :

Increasing demands from the European end-users encourages Nature neem to establish its office and business network at France. Thereby, the French company EvoGreen based at France is being assigned as  the distributor in exclusivity at France. The experiences of EvoGreen in the field of distribution especially for bio and ecologicial products shall assure Nature Neem to position its products perfectly in the French market and to assure a rational price and more shorter time of supply to our resellers.

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